Can I use raspberry pi CM4 8GB model on uConsole?


Can I plug in compute model 4 with 8GB of ram to uConsole?

I would assume you could swap out the cores at your discretion, but idk. Maybe when/if the Raspberry Pi CM5 drops, you could swap that in too. An upgrade path like that would make it that much better… now if only the uConsule I/O reflected the power of the CM4. An upgrade path too the carrier board and more expansion module options would be really cool.

that’s one nice thing about FOSS hardware, even when clockworkpi stops supporting the uConsole and/or DevTerm, third parties could develop new core modules, cell upgrades, or even a new compatible screen, for, say, 1080p or even 4k

This is what I’m planning on doing. But you need the CM I/O board to be able to flash the eMMC if you don’t get a Lite.

Nothing official from Clockwork so I could be wrong…