Upgrading from R16 CPI

I have an R16 CPI and I was thinking about upgrading it with a newer board. Im not exactly sure which modules are the preferred. The RPI CM seems like it would be nice but the A6 seems to be the desired one (at least from the looks of it) anyone upgrade their CPI yet?

For the GameShell? I don’t think there is an upgrade as such, at least not one that would fit in the case. The ClockworkPi v3.14 used in the DevTerm with the interchangeable cores is a different shape with different IO to the v3.1 in the GameShell.

ah, yes I meant the GameShell. I was wondering if there are any upgrades to do since mine is several years old at this point and was thinking I could slap in a new mainboard or something. wasn’t sure if that was an option.