Buying new main board seperately

I was just curious if it will be possible to buy the new CPI v3.1 main board on its own? For everyone that already owns a gameshell it makes a lot of sense to just upgrade the board.


I also want to purchase the upgraded mainboard only. Will it be available seperately?


I’m here to inquire about the same info. I’m not oppose to buying another kit, but being able to just buy a main board would be fantastic. Even if you only offer the solo purchase option to backers - people who already have the kit and just want more RAM and HDMI

I’m also curious about the new mainboard, but I can’t find any detailed specs anywhere? I’d like to know how much percentage improvement is it compared to the kickstarter version? And how it’s compared to Pi3B+? As the original version is too slow for GBA emulator, I feel difficult to play Pokemon games :joy:

And by the way, shall we have an upgraded crystal scratch-free glass-covered higher-resolution screen? Please!

Here’s the specs of the original kickstarter version. We can see the 1GB memory and Micro-HDMI were already planning before, does it mean that the upgraded mainboard has exactly the same SoC chip as the original one?

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Going to second this. I’d love to get that.

Here’s what we know from the website already.

Powered by a Quad-core Cortex-A7 CPU, Mail GPU, WI-FI & Bluetooth on-board, 1GB DDR3 Memory, 16GB MicroSD, Micro HDMI output, GPIOs.

ClockworkPi is a powerful computing pantfrom that lets you begin creating immediately.

From 0.043MHz up to 1GHz with Quad-Core, that is 90,000 times faster than the Apollo 11 guidance computer."

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Is the output port supported in the original backer case (internal and external)?

Spoke to Yong. It’s coming.



Yes, thanks, I saw that description too, it seems that the CPU speed is dropped from 1.2GHz to 1GHz? :man_facepalming:t2:

Everything else is the same, except the 1GB memory and Micro HDMI output, and plus the given 16GB MicroSD (only 2 USD more expensive than the 8GB card).

If the CPU benchmark has no improvement, it won’t be very interesting for our Kickstarter backers, especially when the whole package price is doubled than the Kickstarter price.

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How about GPU acceleration? We are still waiting for that.

720p via miniHDMI without GPU accel even works?

ClockworkPI (CPI v3.1) development board can be purchased separately at the link below:


Well it makes sense really. The whole premise about the GameShell is it is supposed to be modular. So swapping out the mainboard for something else or the screen for something else or the keyboard for something else or the battery or putting it in a new case or cabinet or whatever should be possible.

I saw that shipping is equal round about $40 getting it in Germany. Is there an option to get shipping a little bit cheaper?

For me it, $39 and $38.5 shipping…

Oh and the question is also: Do we need a new plastic enclosure for the mainboard because of micro hdmi?

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Yeah the chip is 39 and shipping is 33. Yikes.


It looks like they left an open slot in the mainboard casing. I could be wrong tho

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That shipping on the board though… it’s the cost of the board again.

In my case the shipping is actually more than the board. $39 board, $60 shipping!

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I think clockwork has heard our complains, they’ve just published a new choice for us, a free shipping upgrade.

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Wow, already received my upgraded board after 2.5 weeks in Canada. Just re-frashed my 32GB high performance Micro SD card, and tested Pokemon Emerald in the GBA emulator, seems a little smoother.
Just ordered the Micro HDMI cable, waiting to play GBA on a huge 4K TV :joy:

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Is the board worth it? I’m tempted but not sure if it doesn’t see much benefit.