Will there be an update for the new Pi 4?

Now that the new Pi 4 board is out, will there be an updated board (and maaaaybe a higher res screen?) coming?

I’d really like to upgrade my Gameshell to the new Pi, as the Pi 4 is pretty hot.

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While that seems like a cool idea, the GameShell uses a different kind of board called ClockworkPi. :B

Right… and when are they planning to update? Everywhere seems out of stock on the old one, so is this a dead toy, or are there plans to make a new gen?

Not seeing anything anywhere that suggests there’s any plans for a newer gen.

There was talk of a new screen a while back.

As for the old one being out of stock, are you referring to the old CPI without an HDMI port? I don’t think they’ve had that in stock for a while.

If you’re seriously hoping for development of a new board from a China based company, this close after a world wide pandemic, I wouldn’t hold your breath.

If there are shortages on an existing product that has had time to produce more units, I would highly doubt there would be any chance of a newer one keeping up with the demands.

If anything, give it some time. Given the modular nature of the Gameshell, it’s not out of the question. That said, we’re not entitled to anything. Period. If they do release something new, then consider that a bonus.