USB for people who need internet or keyboard or scaner or disk

I need normal keyboard and usb dongle GSM/LTE

I need ssh console and low power consumption. Is possible to add normal usb for keyboard,usb gsm or other machine with normal usb port and still can charging device?

This must be a host usb with some more power.

Well I do suspect that the microUSB on the main board is an OTG an not just a “device” :slight_smile:


you will still need a powered USB Hub for power hungry devices but a mouse or a keyboard would probably work as is with a standard OTG cable

in my opinion developers need ADD this

Add what? A USB-A port?

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Yes, add HOST USB, normal dimension (read big not small usb , universal have 6 type :wink: )
normal second usb , one for charging/working one host for usb lte modem or other device, keyboard, mouse, scaner, projector etc.

One USB Type C port would be especially nice. but I’m not holding out hope for that.

I think the most practical way to expand the GameShell’s I/O would be to create a new module that could link to the ClockworkPi, not alter the construction of the base board. The module could contain 2 USB A ports (one of which could be a powered host, though I’m unsure how viable that is for the battery) and an HDMI output.

This module could be used in place of the LCD screen, though I’m not sure how these could be linked up to the ClockworkPi board itself (any ideas for this?) This would, effectively, turn the GameShell into a retro console like an NES Classic or a Raspberry Pi running RetroPi.


think about kali linux users,
administrators web and ssh terminal
people who needed chech some in academic network (supercomputers) etc.

module is not good idea. i need using it always. not carrying other module. no, good main module with more usb.

The biggest advantage of the console is its compactness and the fact that it works independently. No battery or other hardware and software dependent.

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Why not just get a Pocket CHIP?

The primary use of the GameShell is video games. What you’re suggesting would diminish the experience of most of the people who are going to use this device. I imagine a full size USB is about twice the thickness as one GameShell module. How would that fit without a complete redesign?

If you want to modify it for your own use, great. That’s what Clockwork are facilitating with a modular system.

this is voice of user. If You thing the users are stupid. Your choice

It sounds like you’re looking for something that’s more than just a games console… I’d consider making something out of a Raspberry Pi (or the Pocket CHIP as suggested above) that suits your needs (will probably work out cheaper as well). It seems to me that the point of the GameShell is to act as a games system first, with further applications stemming from what interfaces and I/O you already have available.

sometimes people need run only one command to restart services.
ssh is very elastic way to correct or heaaling web server or other process.

linux is very popular because is flexible. If the hardware will more usefull will be more popular. I’m not sugest changing procesor, screen, soud for super stereo?quadro etc. In my opinion this maschine need host usb.

You can ssh using an android phone though. Why not pick up a cheap one and use that?

During the Kickstarter campaign I messaged the Clockwork team about the microUSB having OTG or not and it was confirmed it has this functionality. From another thread I referenced a setup that could allow for expanding the microUSB into a screen, keyboard, and a USB port using new devices like the Superbook or Mirabook that use USB OTG to turn devices like the Game Shell into a laptop. This would be very useful for developing on the Game Shell directly and also for playing the games on a larger screen, if desired.

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Android phone? nice, If I have android phone why I have to use clockwork?

For the purposes of SSH you don’t.

Surely using an android device is better than carrying a keyboard for the GameShell for that use?

I must carry keyboard for android device too.

Procectors have usb, lte modem ,screen have usb, scaner, 3d printer etc.

Then what you need is a laptop, not a gameshell (BTW there is “game” in gameshell, does not sounds like a “pro” tool, which would be “ProShell”)

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does not sounds like a “pro” tool, which would be “ProShell”

* Starts writing Kickstarter campaign for ProShell *