Username changes

after a while i’ve come to not like my current username, and since the option to change your full name doesn’t quite cut it and i don’t want to make a new account, i ask that a feature to change it be added

Check here, you should be able to change it.

Clicking the pencil should show the input

Could just be me being on mobile currently and my adblocker on my PC, but neither have shown a pencil next to my username

I fear only moderators can do that. What would you like your username to be?

The same as what I have my name set as, ▓▒░Metonym░▒▓

Thank you

I can change it but I would prefer without the semi-graphic characters. Is that ok for you?

Sure, though I would keep them on the right side of the text if you’re mainly concerned about someone trying to @ me

Nobody hate you as far as I can say!

(What I meant was tagging me, like @Michael_The_Maker , not anything else, sorry for any confusion)

(So change it to Metonym░▒▓, please)

Thank you @Godzil !!