Using A04 from DevTerm?

Most uConsoles are out of stock, but I have a DevTerm A04. If I order a uConsole without a core, will I be able to use the A04 from my DevTerm? Anyone did something similar?

I originally ordered 2 uConsoles one with CM4 and one with A-04. I’ve received the CM4 and was asked to take a free upgrade to the CM4 as there will be no software support for the A-04! I also have an A-06 DevTerm, so asked if they could still ship the uConsole A-04 and I’ll just switch the core with the one from my DevTerm. Response was they can send a uConsole no core and then later ship the A04 separately. So perhaps they don’t actually have stock for A-04.

I am using the A06 from my DevTerm in one of my uConsoles after the OG A06 I purchased with it stopped booting.