Multiple uConsole purchase

I pre-ordered a black A-06 on Oct.26th and got super excited when I started seeing images on the RPi-CM4 Lite! Needless to say, I ordered the CM4 version too :grin:

Did anyone else here order multiple? If so, what do you plan on doing with them?

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One thing to note is you can use any core in any of the devices.


I was going to purchase the adapter by itself but the cost of an additional unit is super affordable.


Doesn’t the adapter come by default?

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The CM4 adapter only comes with the CM4 version, not with the A06 version.

I ordered the CM4 version of uConsole, but also got a separate CM4 adapter for the A06 Devterm I already had. And then I purchased a CM4 module separately. I figure I can use the A06 as an alternate or backup core for either device.


Ah, the coreless does come with the adapter.

I initially prordered the coreless because I have an A06 already, but seeing how hard was going to be to get an CM4 later, I added a CM4 to my order.