Thermal printer on uConsole?

Hey guys,
i like the idea of the thermal printer on the DevTerm.
i think it would be an great extention for the uConsole.
What do you say to it ?

there will be no space to install im afraid.

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you could still use an external one.
take a look at these for example

I made a poooli l3 work.

edit: not on a uconsoled, but on the devterm at least. but I see no reason why it wouldnot work.
all my script needs is liblzo, bluez, python3, and imagemagic (7 but you probably could rewrite it for older versions)

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why you think so? if someone crate an extentiion card for it with connections on the seide so it would be possible to conect the thermalprinter like an Gameboy card to it so the thikness isnt that big of an issue…
just a slot in the uconsole and Gamecartredge like connectors just put it in when needed?

i would try it myself but didn’t get mine… still waiting for uconsole :grinning:

the Bluetooth printer option is more easy to implement though. no need for any drivers other than bluez
so it will work on pretty much any linux distro out of the box. it also leaves open the modules slot for a radio unit, or memory expansion, or IO pinout.
these are fairly small, and have their own battery. the printer module uses quite some amps. also, the exposed paper-holder on the devterm makes it quite fragile.

either way, I agree that they are a VERY useful thing to have. I mostly use them for logs, sometimes data, or as in that picture: a recipe I just googled. mine takes 80mm rolls, so it’s even more useful than the 60mm wide of the devterm.

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