Version Differences Explained -

What are the biggest differences between the various models? Why is the CM4 Lite the only primary model remaining available, and is it not as good as the A-06 and A-04 (which are sold out)? Is CM4 Lite very similar to the A-06 and A-04, or can you do more with the others? Finally, is CM4 that they’re calling “Lite” different than a standard CM4? Thanks!

The difference is just what computer module is stuck in it. I don’t have experience with the A-04 or the A-06, but the CM4 is the Raspberry Pi Compute module 4. The socket in the machine is actually for a Compute Module 3 (CM3) so they use an adapter. Using the Raspberry Pi modules allows you to run Raspberry Pi OS that has a rather large amount of support online. I currently have a DevTerm machine with a CM3 and most Pi things just work fine. There is also a tradeoff between horsepower and battery life. There are discussions on here about adding heatsinks so I know that many are pushing their machines a bit more than I do. I have the uConsole with the R-01 processor, haven’t had a chance to play with one of those yet and I can always order a different processor later.