Performance difference between the models

Hi, I have been doing research and have not found any performance benchmarks. I understand that the A-06 chip has 6 cores = less battery life and more power, but, what’s the difference in performance between the A-04 and CM4? Just compatibility between RPi programs and drivers, or is there something else?

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The A04 module is the midrange that sits between CM3 and CM4/A06 module, whereas the latter two are the so-called ‘powerhouse’; enough grunt to play videos, compile, games, etc.

As for the difference between ClockworkPi’s Axx series module vs the CM series is that the latter have the benefit of tapping into Raspi’s linux ecosystem and it’s what the majority of the users go for I believe, both in devterm/uconsole. That said, A06 have most of the drivers sorted out while the A04 still have issues with the hdmi and other few niggling issues.

What needs to be considered here is the fact that uconsole’s design doesn’t have any active cooling whatsoever (possibly a superior passive cooling setup? might explain the use of metal in the case) so it’ll be interesting to see the A06’s use case for the uconsole!


Okay, thanks for the info! Does the CM4 produce as much heat as the A-06? Preferably, I’d want which ever one had a long battery life, and a smooth-ish experience with loading programs and stuff. I’d want to use this thing as basically a more portable laptop because my laptop is too valuable to take outside the house. That being said, all my major computing would be done at home.

In the future, will hardware like the RK3588S and other new RockChip processors be supported? I really like the design of the uConsole, but the hardware specs are a bit dated.

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Yeah, the hardware is a little dated, but it doesn’t have to be which is the frustrating part. It doesn’t even have USB 3.1 or even data over the USB-C port. However, I think upgrades will come out as these devices get more popular… hopefully.

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Yep. I’m thinking of just buying a Orange Pi 5 (which has easily 4 times more power than the A-06) and building a custom enclosure around it. I like that the uConsole will have a nice keyboard, screen, metal case, etc but a modular design should be modular, idk, maybe they can’t afford to change supplier seeing as it’s the same modules as in their Game Shell and Dev Term.

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People seem to be going for the cm4 version mostly as I have seen that’s the option I also went with.

I am also interested. Do you currently have the same size as CM4? There doesn’t seem to be any search results on the home page.

Might be interesting to ask DevTerm users this question since the chipsets are basically interchangeable. Personally I went for the A-06 because I want the power, I’m not terrible concerned by the battery life, you could balance that out by getting beefier batteries or modding in a bigger battery pack later on.

You can change the CPUs frequency and/or turn some cores off.