DevTerm Kit RPI-CM4 Lite

Did I miss it or has this not been announced here in the forum?

There is now an official CM4 version:

Available is a CM4 Lite with 4GB LPDDR4 memory

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I am a bit confused. Ther e seemed to be an A06 and I have just ordered Rpi-CM4 Lite. Have I ordered wrongly if I want to run mainly linux/unix for development?

There are a bunch of cores.
A04 and A06 are the “in house” ARM processor modules and the R01 is a RISC-V module…
The CM3 and CM4 are actual Raspberry Pi-s but the CM4 doesn’t have the same form factor so needs the “adapter board” you can find in the shop (which would also be in the CM4 kit).

Basically if you bought an A06 kit and you want to use a CM4 you need to buy the adapter board as well.
If you bought the CM4 kit and also purchased an A06 module then you already have everything you need.

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Does it mean I need to buy more and the cm4 rpi is incomplete by itself? I now need to buy a a06 module?

Well that’s up to you what you want to use.

I mean no offence but are you SURE that a DevTerm is the right thing for you?
Do you actually know what you need and are aware what you are trying to buy?

Your questions seem to suggest that you are probably better off with say a virtual machine with Linux or so.
DevTerm is not very well documented, it’s more for what people call “makers & doers” nowadays probably.
If you are not into figuring out things by yourself, it’s probably not a good idea to invest into one.

Having said that: You can swap out the CPU modules anytime you wish and you can buy as many different ones you need for your development purposes.

You buy an A-06 module if you want to have an A-06 module.
You the cm4 version if you want the cm4 version.

The devterm has swappable cores, for example I have an A-04 core (which came with the A-04 kit), an R-01 and the CM4 adapter board (for when I can find a CM4).

So as I said before, if you buy the CM4 Kit then you have everything you need for a working devterm as it will include a CM4 and an adapter board.

You can then buy the completely optional additional core modules like the A-04, A-06 or R-01 if you really wanted to.

Thanks. I think the issue is not clear. There is no comparison in faq. And I just not sure it is an complete kit.

Based on the reply, the rpi is a complete kit. A06 is likely an upgrade. Not sure about the others.

For diy, is there any access to those ports just like a normal pi kit. I have a self built weather station and wonder I can hook it up.

(For the comment on linux on vm, did have lots of those under parallels, vm on Amazon, linux on even a one-netbook and commander. And ulisp etc.

This form factor is still struggling to get a good one. M100 has been a dream. But probably I like the one with all ports on and a small keyboard. That is either company gone or need soldering. )

If needed may get to see any module can allow me to solder a few lead out of the box so to hook up some external devices when needed.

Or as a linux server for my ipad if the device can support running sbcl and vim plus git (with ssh).

For the cpu, is it easy to switch.

I think I will get a r as always want to test it. But software might be an issue. Hope all basic like sbcl, vim etc can run there. Not sure.

A06 vs Pi. Both 4G. Just a little higher spec?