VNC for uConsole

I’ve had issues getting VNC Server to work on the DevTerm A-06 anyone tried to use this on the uConsole? - It’s standard on Rasberry pi’s of old.

Hey found these notes on DevTerm

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I just got mine today, #23199, ordered last September. Anyway, replying to you because I’m w7com and I use to hack on 6805/68HC11 back in the day. I’m excited to see what all I can do with this sweet bit of kit.


Look at the USB C expansion board option if you didn’t up in for the 4g cell phone you’ll want the extra ports . Also take notes as you load software. I have Spyder ide running but corrupted the install when I added python jupyter so avoid that . It’s a great Linux terminal . I have a USBC to three port USB/Ethernet hub that is really great for cat5 Ethernet . Theres a thread for the expansion board. I’m running cm4 lite with 8gh of memory and it performs well.

this is the three port hub…

Sweet! Ordered, thanks!

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