Expansion Board Ethernet and RS232

Would it be possible to create an expansion board for the uConsole that would contain 1 Ethernet and 1 Serial RS232 connection? I’m not even sure there is enough space for that, but it would be awesome. I would use the added connectivity as a network engineer to connect to and configure devices. A small device like that doesn’t really exist yet with all of the built in features and OS support.

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Electrically i think it’s possible – there’s usb on the extension connector, so a NIC and a uart could be connected to that – my only concern would be the height of an ethernet port or a DE9 – you may need a smaller connector and a dongle

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i would prefer two more USB ports. already have USB to Ethernet and serial adapters…

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I understand the extra usb needed. The more important one for me would be Ethernet which i use constantly. Maybe an EXT module with 1 Gig Ethernet and 1 USB would be nice. Also if you use serial connections you can always use an AirConsole, they are pretty sick.

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I wonder if one of those expanding Ethernet ports would work in that small space. Thanks for the input.

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It seems on DevTerm the GPIO is all used up by default. Any info on whether that’s better with uConsole? I mean, the connector used by the modem should be free if you don’t use it.
Personally, I did order the 4G modem and hope to add more stuff (serial in particular, as you brought it up here) in addition to that. If the 2 need to be mutually exclusive, it is what it is.

Maybe the connector could be multiplexed? We’ll see when it arrives… :slight_smile:

Yes I understand about the copper Ethernet. With the Devterm I’ve used a USB/Ethernet dongle but with the update uConsole there is only one USB port. I’ll grab a small USB hub to make life easier… And go to an external blue tooth mouse and keyboard… A single USB is a real limitation.

I guess a hub like this may work:

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i plan on modding mine to do this – iirc the keyboard is connected with an internal USB connector, so if you wire a USB hub to that connector and connect the keyboard as well as an ethernet and rs-232 adapter, you should be able to make that work

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nice but bulky adapters sticking out of a slim product is a real negative. i like the idea of making adapters that use the expansion slot… may have to figure a way to have some boards made to accept a couple of devices…

A small device like that doesn’t really exist yet with all of the built in features and OS support.

Have you looked at this:


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I have looked at those. That would be more of a laptop replacement. I’m thinking of using this device like a network diagnostic tool, kind of like a fluke linkrunner.

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yes, ive seen them I just loaded Linux on a Dell Latitude 2110 and do the same things…I’ve downloaded the DevTerm secondary board and schematics - would not be hard to conceive of a two channel USB expansion board for the uConsole but getting one made is a totally larger endeavor - I’m not sure how they manufacture a part from a .dxf drawing - I’m used to ExpressPCB and producing a PCB for manufacture I may start there since I know the pin layout based on the schematic and also how the extra USB ports are wired on the DevTerm - the uConsole appears to have taken the CPU board and used it as a starting point…

I know about the GPD devices but they are quite expensive and probably too powerful for my use cases.

You can’t make PCBs from DXFs, you need to design it in KiCAD, Altium or similar and export Gerber files. That’s what the manufacturers use to make your PCB.

The GPD devices are very expensive for their size… I have KiCAD but still new to drawing circuit boards beyond ExpressPCB

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found this:

I think the program you are after is called ser2net. It bridges serial streams to TCP ports of your choice. In Ubuntu / Debian do the following:

# apt-get install ser2net