What Database do you use on your DevTerm and what is your use case?

I’m using mine as a terminal mainly. :‌‌) drawterm to talk to the Plan 9 system, ssh to talk to everything else.

On-device I’m mostly using text files. I use awk a lot so that’s a convenient format. I have sqlite3 and Redis installed (but persistence disabled for Redis because I’m paranoid about wearing out the SD card). I am not using sqlite3 for anything yet, I just install it out of habit because

A wiki is not quite a database but I’ve been using AwkiAwki for taking notes and collecting links and as a browser start page; as a bonus, it lets me show the notes to people on the LAN. (Or using a fork of it: GitHub - pete/awki: Awki is a lightweight wiki written in awk. These are my patches, original here: http://awkiawki.bogosoft.com/ . If you are familiar with the first wiki, Ward’s Wiki, it’s a clone of that done a long time back.)

(Edit: If you type “:‌)” and it tries to draw a :slight_smile:, you can put a U+200C between the colon and the close paren.)

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