Database Manager?

Does anyone have a good database manager running on their uConsole? Looks like DBeaverCE and DataGrip don’t work on the architecture :frowning:

I’m running MariaDB on the DevTerm it’s started from mysql… I really like it and Graphana will talk to it…

I had trouble with sqlitebrowser not fitting in the window on my DevTerm. I end up using command-line most of the time plus lots of home grown scripts because that seems to be the most flexible/portable.

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I use command line interface as well - working on a Node-Red front end but have only gotten the gui done…


I know you are looking for a GUI client, but as a DBA coddled by SSMS, that had to move to Maria and PostgreS, get comfy with the CLI.
Once you get the hang of it you’ll find all that GUI is doing is standing in your way.

You’ll start scripting in SQL, Bash, Python. It will open doors I promise.

What core do you have in your uConsole?
If it’s the CM4 Beekeeper studio has an ARM64 release:

And the only extra package I needed was fuse and the appimage ran just fine, though they do have a deb too if you prefer that route.

Fun fact:
MariaDB, MySQL, and MaxDB are all named after one of the founder’s three children.

For the longest time I thought My meant “Mine” nope, My is a name.

That aside, MariaDB is an excellent choice for most projects.

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I have the DevTerm A-6 waiting on the uConsole A-06

Still ARM64, give it a try.

I use it on my pi400 that monitors a handful of mariaDB and Postgres Labs.
Does the trick.