Database Manager Apps + uConsole

Does anyone have any ideas for database managers that will work on the uConsole?

uSQL and DBeaver both work on my devterm. Will work on uconsole.

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I use MariaDB - is that what you mean? it installed without issue on the DevTerm - I build the Database in MYSQL workbench… (windows) - sigh…

DBeaver is perfect and does what I need. I recently transitioned over to JetBrains DataSpell/DataGrip to manage my PostgreSQL data server. @MHam68HC11, I am looking for a front-end solution to manage the actual database itself. I can manage from the command line, I have a use case where I need to upload batch CSV files on occasion and DBeaver can do the trick when it might be a one-off case. I like DataGrip because it can set up the table for you from a massive CSV file based on the data. Honestly, there have been very few cases, where I have had to manually adjust the data types for each column.

As much as I love writing SQL code, DataGrip has been a huge time saver, definitely worth the subscription.

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Okay that’s what I was missing - yes the build part is a pain! I use MYSQL workbench - built my databases - data entry still working that - believe it or not NodeRed can be configured to take entries in a webpage and input lines of data into a database… For display of the content I’m looking at Grafana… but up front I had to visualize my application - the design part (conceptualization) is the secrete sauce … the rest is nuts and bolts…

Download | DBeaver Community there is a debian install package… I’m just starting to raise my linux skill to install from package before I always had to use apt-get install…

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I’ve been using Python scripts activated by cron jobs to grab news headlines and Reddit posts based on specific keywords. It’s been working well, but power outages can be a real pain sometimes. I have been using the nltk library to extract sentiment scores from headline titles, as well as Reddit post titles and post bodies. I used this to extract the correlation between S&P 500 vs. News Sentiment, and S&P 500 vs. Social Media sentiment. I have been collecting the data since 2021. I wish I started doing this pre-COVID, to have a snapshot of everything prior would have been extremely valuable.

Grafana as an EXCELLENT visualization tool. Recently, I discovered Apache Superset, which is pretty neat too! One feature I like about Superset is the ability to save SQL queries and charts separately from the main dashboards. I found it a couple of weeks ago and thought it worth sharing with the community!

For those stumbling upon the discussion, here are the solutions being discussed up to this point:

  1. MariaDB:
  2. PostgreSQL:
  3. DBeaver Community: Download | DBeaver Community
  4. JetBrains:
  5. Grafana:
  6. NodeRed:
  7. Apache SuperSet:
  8. Software and Solutions from the Apache Foundation: Apache Projects List
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You have a good point, MySQL and PostgreSQL do have local browser-based GUI DB managers.