What do you do when Uconsole arrive [HELP]


Hello everyone ,
I have just received the uconsole,
It was amazing experience when unboxing it and assembled it, but i got confused with all old topics about updating it,
I’m new to Linux and i only know so basic commands .
What should i do? and what to avoid ? I have read that some people their wifi stopped working after update

I just recently received mine, unboxed, assembled, cloned the provided microsd card into a second one just in case ~
I was also curious about that update story, so i did update/upgrade, indeed several issues were encountered,
the biggest one being the wifi that seems to crash on boot for some reasons.
I made a simple script to fix it but its not a solution, just a temp fix
#! /bin/bash
sudo ip link set wlan0 down
sudo ip link set wlan0 up
sudo systemctl restart dhcpcd.service
sudo lxpanelctl restart

I also noticed the display had a 90° rotation on the left, but the display options allowed to rotate it back so its ok so far .