Updating stock os on uconsole?

Hello all. If I understand correctly, updating the stock os can (will) break things due to the non standard kernel. Is that in fact the case? How can one update app0s for example?

I just ran “apt upgrade” and wifi stopped working. I don’t know how to fix it without reinstalling the image. Fortunately I haven’t done much after previous install so I won’t lose much.

I’m using CM4.

I upgraded the apt packages today, and wifi stopped working. Sample size of 1: can confirm

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This is a known and solved problem.

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[CM4 with the LXDE OS]
No. I’ve apt-get update’d and apt-get upgrade’d multiple times and nothing broke. The only thing that was broken was installing certain programs through the command line on LXDE and XFCE. Switching my DE to Cinnamon remedied this problem.

Hardware core and OS?

Thank you all. Very helpful!

Hi, from Argentina… I´ve been burn in a new TF-card this http://dl.clockworkpi.com/uConsole_CM4_v0.1b_xfce_64bit.img.7z SO and works perfect with my CM4 lite module. :slight_smile: (Is tho OS is the optimeze version for CM4 Lite)
Everithing works perfect, I perform update and upgrade without issues.
The other version of OS (pre installed on TF-card provided) doesn´t work quit right.

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