What games did you play in 2020?

Let’s talk about the games we played in 2020! Not just the occasional play, but games you focused on more than others. Also shout out any personal achievements you made in a game last year.

The Pandemic had me in front of the screen more than any other time since I was a kid.

Link’s Awakening, Nintendo Switch
A glorious remaster. I spent the first few months of the year completing a 100% play through.

Metroid: Fusion, GBA (emulated on the GameShell)
Back in 2006 I bought a Nintendo DS with Metroid Prime Hunters. Hunters was a let down but the GameBoy Advanced slot in the DS allowed me to access to one of the Metroid franchise’s best games: Fusion! Revisiting Fusion on the GameShell in 2020 is a real treat. It feels more like a modern retro-throwback than a 20 year old game. The GameShell’s superior hardware and screen make the game’s sprite animations sparkle like never before. I recommend it to any fan of the platformer or adventure genres. The Fusion game engine was also used to make Metroid: Zero Mission, which is a remake of the original NES Metroid. I recommend Fusion as the better of the two games, if you finish that and want more, grab a copy of Zero.

Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, GBA (emulated on the GameShell)
I love Metroidvania games! While not the greatest examples of this genre…or even the best Castlevania games…the 3 GBA Castlevania titles are fun and unique gems for die hard sidescrolling gamers.

Not a die hard fan of the sidescrolling platform era? Then skip these and play Symphony of the Night, for PS One, instead. It is considered one of the greatest games ever made for a dam good reason.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Switch
Pinnacle of the genre. After a 100 hour play through of this game and the challenges still feel fresh and it still engages the player.

Illusion Of Gaia, SNES, (Emulated on a RetroPie)
This game is not for everyone and there are better examples of Action RPG games for the SNES but it is still a lot of fun. Light puzzle solving. Wonderful music and storytelling.

Can’t wait to hear what you have been playing!

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Animal Crossing. The only and best game of the decade.


2020 - The year I finally finished Witcher 3. :slight_smile:


I started Witcher 3! :smiley:


+1 for animal crossing here too.

Others I played that I can remember. Wow in retrospect, I actually played a lot of games!

Platinum’d Persona 5 Royal
Link’s Awakening on Switch
Xenoblade Definitive
Xenoblade 2 - Torna
Fire Emblem 4 houses - recruit everyone run
Hyrule Warriors - Age of Calamity
Daemon Ex Machina
Pokemon Shield
Death Stranding
Horizon Zero Dawn
Tales of Beseria

Smash Bros
Jack box series

Play through with friends:
Bravely Default
Twilight Princess
Skyward Sword
Breath of the wild
Catherine Full Body
Sakura Wars
Nino Kuni (ps3)
Fallen Jedi Order
Diablo 3

Sin o Alice
Granblue Fantasy

Non video games:
WizWar + both expansions

My girlfriend finally picked up the Witcher 3. Then put it down. 7th year in a row.


Detroit: Become Human, PS4
Joined the search for the meaning of life. Their city streets scene still looks 10x better than the recently released Cyberpunk 2077.

God of War, PS4
Instantly made me a fan of Norse mythology. Great story and graphics. Made other games feel pixelated.

Art Academy, Nintendo DS
The best old-school drawing software. Can’t believe I can draw this.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Nintendo 3DS
Deep story-driven visual novel game. Got me into the idea of the court system.