Games to demo the GameShell (games that run well)

What are the games that run the best on the GS?
I’ve tried a SNES game (Super Mario World) and wasn’t impressed because the screen resolution was too small so the sprites are “crunched” looking with pixels missing.

The best match I’ve found so far is Link’s Awakening DX, but the resolution still isn’t quite right (but thankfully, not too small) and so the sprites lack a sharp appearance.

Basically my question is, if you had to choose a list of games that made the GS seem as impressive as possible, which ones would you pick?

Due to small screen my GameShell is used almost exclusively for emulation of older handhelds from my childhood, meaning I mostly play GameBoy/Color/Advance games on it. Sega GameGear games are also amazing on the GameShell as the screen a huge improvement compared to the dim ghosty mess original hardware, even if the screen size isnt quite right.

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I’ve played FF7 on my Gameshell. A bit small maybe, but it was a delight. If you’re using retroarch and are looking for sharpness, be sure to use integer scaling, and the “nearest” shader.

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I have a PC Port of a Classic (but tough as nails) PsOne Game: Heart Of Darkness. If you are a tinkerer (and something tells me that you might be since you bought a GameShell) you can build it and run it flawlessly. I’m going to make a release page for it soon. you will need the files from the PC version for it to work. Here is the original Github Repo for this project.

Some third party libraries are missing and need to be added for the build
So far after a bunch of quick remaps and a simple boolean change to set the game to fullscreen. Here is the repo with said fixes applied. The game runs fine but the FMV’s can sometimes have minor audio issues. Maybe a little overclock could fix the issue? Either way this little porting exercise is fun.

Here are a couple of images including the launcher icon I did for it:

Heart of Darkness

No rage du portage ! Hack away people!


I’ve recently released this rough demo, perhaps you might be interested or it might inspire someone creating new games with Godot for the GameShell