What should we work on next?

The one I was thinking about is the Alibaba/T-Head TH1520, and I expect some good open source support for it.

I wonder how feasible it would be to design a new face plate that has no game pad/button support, but instead uses the extra space to support a new keyboard module? Presumably, a keyboard module that sports more regular sized keys for serious programming/hacking?

I’d love to see an upgrade to the GameShell. Especially now that we have a variety of chipsets that could push the product up again to the big leagues. And especially I’d love to code for it.

A gameshell based on the v3.14 board with all its core modules would be amazing.

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Talking of new hardware ideas, is there any downside to the CM4 adapter board vs if it was able to interface via its original (pcie?) connections to the clockworkpi rather than sodimm?

What I’m saying is that is there any merit in a new clockworkpi mainboard that supports the new connectors natively (with an adapter board for the sodimm cores)? Could new cores be produced to take advantage of the new connectors?