Alternate shell, Switch / Wonderswan form factor. Anyone tried this?

I don’t have my hands on a Gameshell yet but I’m curious about the possibility of making an alternative shell for it in a “landscape” form factor. Specifically I’m a big fan of the wonderswan and it’s ability to play Tate games as well as regular games.


A good example of this concept would be the amazing MGSP based on the NGPC:

Those of you familiar with the hardware, how difficult would this be to accomplish? Would you attach two keypad modules instead of one? CAN you even do that? I suppose another option would be wiring up the right hand buttons via the lightkey, and having the keypad be the basis of the left hand keys.

I’d be interested in any input! I’d be 3D printing the shell for the project and it would be very cool if there was a way to do it as simple as possible so others could try it out!

Wow this is a great idea can’t believe I didn’t think of it haha. Gameshell should totally release a landscape form factor she’ll or if not someone should definitely make a 3d model for printing! I know some 3d modeling but I’m not sure how you do it to scale and everything.

Thanks man! I’d definitely like to give it a shot.

Any idea if two keypads can be easily connected to a main board? I know 5 more buttons can be added to a keypad, but I’d love to keep the build modular if possible. I could have the second keypad set to shift at all times so it registers as different keys, but I’m unsure if there’s a connector for it.

Also, what’s the measurements on the internal cases? Still waiting for mine to arrive, but may start mocking some things up. Haven’t had a chance to dig into the STL yet.