What to do if address changed?

Hello All,
I was wondering if anyone knows what to do or who to contact in the event of an address change from the address which was originally used to back the project. I moved for work about a month ago and I remember in project update #23 it was mentioned that they would be doing a confirm of address via email before shipping. However, in the last update #25 they said they already gave the address list to their shipping partner. Did I just miss the email? Did anyone else get an email asking about shipping confirmation? Also, I sent a message to clockwork earlier this week on kickstarter and I haven’t heard anything back from them in nearly 3 days so if anyone knows a good method of contact for whoever is handling the shipping that would be greatly appreciated.

You’d want to message @yong on the forum. There were no emails to confirm shipping, bit rather emails for the Kickstarter updates were sent, of which stated that if you need to change your address that you should contact Clockwork. They read messages from both Kickstarter and the forum, but they definitely respond/read them faster on the forum here.

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Ah ok, thank you for clarifying I’ll message @yong immediately

I have PM you in Kickstarter. We will give it a try with our shipping partner, if too late, we have to halt your shipment until all others have been shipped. We will confirm shipping address along with the tracking numbers very soon.

I PM’d you on both here and kickstarter. Sorry for the double PM. I had PM’d you here first and then about 5 minutes after I sent the message I saw your reply here and went ahead and replied on kickstarter as well since you had asked me to reply there.

I also PM’d you here for address change but got no reply, I’m not sure if you’ve seen my message.