Notice for those who have not received shipment tracking number

Kickstarter backers who have not completed the survey:
If you have not completed our “survey” after the end of crowdfunding, you probably have missed the shipping window this time because lacking of shipment information:

Please contact us at as soon as possible to give your mailing address, mobile phone number. We will ship your GameShell at the next shipping window.

Indiegogo backers who backed after April 1st:
That is Indiegogo backers with backer ID greater than 418, we will ship the product for you at the next shipping window, too.

The current estimated time for next shipping window is around the end of this month.

We are very sorry for this. We are trying our best to speed up for the next shipment, all packages are already in the warehouse.

Anyone else who have not receive your shipment tracking number, please contact us ASAP.

Please feel free to contact us at for any problems or questions.


I finished the survey when it was first sent out, but I haven’t received any tracking info yet. I’ve sent an email. I hope to get an update soon.

Same as @bigeasy_uk (I’m located in California, USA)

@bigeasy_uk, @Kelly_Harris,
Pls. send your order details (Name, email, address, backer ID, etc. and receipt if possible) to, I will try to locate your order.

when can i get tracking number?

any updates on the next shipping window for backer ID > 418?

@APPLE_BALL @nemo The second shipment has been sent to our shipping supplier’s warehouse, they are working on the export documents. We will let you know when the tracking numbers are available.

I still have not received my tracking number;;;