When will we have more video of the Gameshell in action?

:sweat: It’s all my fault, we will release new update ASAP.
@TrapaPie, BTW. I think your dog was just trying to make a dog-eared book for you, it’s the year of :dog2: anyway.

I’m technically a Rabbit for horoscope, but I was close enough to Earth Dragon. I can’t prove it. So you should be fine. Anyway, your avatar was appropriately concerned about the sword on the cover image. I’m not cognizant enough about the phenomenon to explain why the digested negative looked the way it did, but I refuse to believe your avatar ended up on the cover by accident. :wink: taps foot


Examine! This is the evidence that condemns you. Oh, the most wretched futility of your horrible defense! :smiley: Anyway, I already blamed the dog and denied him a delectable treat, even though he was totally innocent. I could tell by the way he wagged his tail and flopped his ears.


Poor dog :dog:
I can prove your Dragoness if you post your DOB.
Btw. I am a Rabbit myself.

That’s fine. You never know how something like DOB is going to link up with other things to create circumstantial evidence. People are most judgemental, but if people ever decided to start working together and telling the truth, who knows? I’m not sure I can authenticate your certificate for the privilege to verify horoscope animal. Is the production run still scheduled for shipping this April?

For the curious…

Second, China has more data than the US—way more. Data is what makes AI go. A very good scientist with a ton of data will beat a super scientist with a modest amount of data (sic). China has the most mobile phones and internet users in the world—triple the number in the United States.

So, the reason that data increases a scientist’s AI-power to solve difficult problems may not be entirely straightforward.

I was joking about the DOB :joy:, but in China, the horoscopic Zodiac was often used to guess one’s age with the margin of error of 12 years, so, end of 1963, 1975, 1987, etc. :thinking:?

For the AI destroying jobs, it’s not that simple, there’s always the (flawed) counter-argument of ATM create more jobs for bank tellers.
I think it will be like wild fire, eliminating some and creating more. Didn’t they finish that annual question in 2015 already :smirk:

I wouldn’t just tell you the answer to such a satisfying mystery. Eric Schmidt probably knows my DOB, and he’d brag about it. But didn’t they fire him for being too honest?

Colbert’s wary truthiness surrounding his Schmidt interview renews my confidence in the GameShell project. There’s two demands you can count on, sex and security.

We inquired about the VALUE of this Will. Granted that we want the truth: WHY NOT RATHER untruth? And uncertainty? Even ignorance? The problem of the value of truth presented itself before us—or was it we who presented ourselves before the problem? ─ Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

OK. The team just sent in some pictures and video of GameShell in action through wechat.



I have dedicated my YouTube channel to creating videos for this community.

If a specific video is wanted, ask and you shall receive (if I can do it)