Quick look on GameShell


Today i got my GameShell, took some pics and a video.
Hope you enjoy it!


Your video you posted:


great post & photos.

Don’t forget the video!


You got it first this time lol😛


i got the first video! :sunglasses:


Field test is on going lol



Please note there is an incorrect installation, please rotate the LightKey 180 degrees, the correct installation should not see the connector.


Thanks for point that out, i also ordered one orange back shell and couldn’t find it, please respond this


There is a category for issues with the sale: https://forum.clockworkpi.com/c/sales-issues

Try there!


Sorry for the mistake. We just opened an email address: help@clockworkpi.com , Please inform your order number, as well as specific issues, we will follow up ASAP.

Note that the purpose of this mailbox is only for after sales service, so the order number is required.