Where to download the respbian on the TF card attached by DEVTERM

I forgot to backup the system on the TF card attached by Devterm when i open the box.

I used sudo apt update && upgrade.but i met some systemd problems after system upgrade and now the system boot abnormally.with error msg like flwg:

systemd-journald[122]: Assertion ‘clock_gettime(map_clock_id(clock_id), &ts) == 0’ failed at
…/src/basic/time-util.c:55, function now(). Aborting.

I tried to find the solution but failed. I would like to re-install the respbian. I wonder whether the system installed on the TF card is customized and Is it suitable to install the orignal Raspbian iso downloaded on the official website of rpi to DEVTERM.


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good question , I just forgot to upload the image somewhere

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A good news is that i found the solution. The problem i mentioned may occur when upgrade is incomplete.Especially when source server can not be connected sometimes and the dependancy got problems.

haha.Never feeling too good to backup.

i am uploading to right now., kind slow

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I think in time it would be very useful to make the official images for the CM3 and A04/A06 models available somewhere permanently, and/or to document somewhere what needs to be done to make the device run when starting from a standard Raspberry Pi OS image (if that is a possibility).

For example, I am currently assuming I can start a custom installation from a Raspberry Pi OS Lite by installing a few additional packages since I saw the first devices running Raspberry Pi OS, but I’m not sure if that is also true for the A04/A06.


4740f676b838d3ff1299b2147f062729 2021-05-07-raspios-buster-armhf-full_devterm.7z


:pray: this should be pinned or linked in the wiki or something, thank you

It’s in the wiki:

At the end of this page:

Image download url

2.43 GB file on MEGA 4740f676b838d3ff1299b2147f062729 2021-05-07-raspios-buster-armhf-full_devterm.7z

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