Keeping DevTerm A06 up to date

Hi all. I’m still kind of a newbie when it comes to linux and I got the devterm to toy around with and become more experienced with it.

From what I understand, I’m currently on Ubuntu 21.04 hirsute, which seems to be out of date. I tried following this guide: Hirsute went offline late July 2022, how to manage?
to fix it, but I’m unable to get it to successfully update. Should I be switching to a different distribution since hirsute is no longer supported? How would I go about doing that?


could you re-flash a new sd card with new os image?

in this later os image. we switched to jammy, which is a LTS version up to 2037

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I’m running the latest image from clock work… only issue is they have not solved the screen blank issue - once the onboard screen has timed out due to inactivity it blanks out - I operate with an external monitor so it is not an issue but when I do there is no current solution other than force a reboot that can corrupt the sd card. DevTerm struggles to come back from display sleep

I want to suggest that you keep build notes - I have a set of instructions to load all the programs from a new install - highly suggest that you do that - I’ve messed up the OS installing programs having the install instructions allows you to rebuild the applications you want to use…

To re-flash I unpack that file and put it on a new SD card and reboot my devterm right? It’ll basically be installing a new OS? Or is this a smaller operation. Sorry, I’m not super familiar with Linux as I mentioned.

if you are in Windows or Mac Osx

uncomress downloaded file DevTerm_A06_v0.2h.img.bz2 , you will get a DevTerm_A06_v0.2h.img ,about 7GB

then use to flash the DevTerm_A06_v0.2h.img to the SD card

Select DevTerm_A06_v0.2h.img as Image in etcher, then SD card driver ,then go

and if you are not familiar with Linux , use another blank SD card for this

after flashing, insert SD card into DevTerm again, then Power On


here is a new os image for devterm cm4

included a updated kernel as same as uconsole

Integrated screen rotation at the kernel level.


Should I use the A06 image or the CM4 image here?

Sorry if you have a A-06 processor use the A-06 image. ! ! A-06 is for the A-06 processor variant!

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no ,CM4 os image is for raspberry pi cm4 only and just came out.

a06 os image is still on the way