Wifi Trying to connect to different router

Hey i know there has been various WIfi issues explained on this forum but I think mine is different.

So when i go into the wifi settings and try to connect to my network, it ignores the one i clicked on and and try to connect to a different one altogether.

Its so frustrating! I can see my router right there! haha

Help please!

Ok, it seems to have just magically fixed itself. I’m connected via usb now to charge it. Would having it connected to the computer make any difference?

launcher version is 1.21 ?

@Philip_Yarnell Your experience isn’t unusual. The WiFi control panel periodically messes up that way. I’m guessing that when the router is selected, the control panel was still scanning and replaced the one in the position selected before accepting the selection. Hitting ‘X’ should abort the connection attempt to allow you to select again.


Thanks for the help ! But it does seem to of fixed itself now. Hopefully it’ll stay that way!