Wildly impressed with the DevTerm kit

I don’t usually write these sort of reviews/ feedback, but I’m making an exception here.

I ordered the DevTerm (DevTerm Kit A06) because I thought it might make a nice, portable solution to leave in a car/bag for when I just need an emergency SSH terminal (well, and because it looked like a cute toy).

I didn’t really want a kit, I just wanted a machine that I could unpack, plug in and start using. As this wasn’t an option, I reluctantly got the kit, assuming it would be the standard “we don’t want to spend the money to assemble these, so here is a pile of parts, some poorly injection molded case bits which kind of fit together, and a link to a poorly written webpage”.

Boy, was I wrong – this kit is awesome. It reminds me of the plastic model kits (“Build your own Spitfire!”) I used to get when I was a kid. The instructions are really well written and illustrated, the quality of the molded parts is great, and things all snap together nicely, resulting in a satisfyingly sturdy result. The keyboard layout is remarkably good for such a small size, and the OS integration is good (I’ve often run into issues with similar small Linux devices where the window manager doesn’t really work with the screen format (e.g Gemini)).

I actually enjoyed assembling it, and was slightly sad when it was all finished :slight_smile: This would make an awesome present getting a kid interested in technology, or for a school/makerspace, etc.

Again, I don’t usually write these sorts of things, but the experience was so much better than I was expecting that I wanted to thank / acknowledge it.


I had the same experience :slight_smile: A very pleasant surprise. I hope this ecosystem has a chance to grow as well! A really nice way to assemble things, and it would be fun to throw in new modules or upgrades.

Was really unsure about the two knobs holding the main shell together, and sure they might be the first things to go after a lot of use. But they really add to the ethos of this being a device you can quickly modify or fix.

Also nice work on the choice of textures and color. I can tell that there were a lot of good product design choices throughout.


I’ve hooked it up to a portable HDMI monitor and it works like a full up laptop - I use an external wireless keyboard/mouse - ran Spyder IDE and it is great! This tablet stand works great!!!

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