Will devTerm support more Socs, such as rk3566 rk3588

When I learned about devTerm, it only supports rk3566 and raspberry pi cm3. Now I’m happy to find out that it works with RISC-V and cm4.
However, the performance of these chips is still relatively weak, especially now that the rk3588 has been released and the rk3566 has begun to be used in China’s open source handhelds.
I wonder if there will be an opportunity for devTerm to upgrade to these SoCs in a similar fashion to cm4 and RISC-V in the future.
If not, what is the problem.

在我了解到 devTerm 的时候,它仅支持 rk3566 和 树莓派 cm3。现在我很开心的发现它能够使用RISC-V 和 cm4 了。
但是这些芯片的性能依旧比较羸弱,特别是在现在 rk3588 已经发布,rk 3566 已经开始用于中国开源掌机的当下。
我想知道以后 devTerm 会有机会以类似 cm4 和 RISC-V 的方式升级到这些 soc 吗。

Well I think maybe the clockworkpi team is just not big enough to handle so many new SoCs. And I’m wondering how much additional performance we can get from these new chips. And the battery lifetime is also need to be considered.

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I would be interested in the RK 3588 as well.
8 cores …

Keeping the DevTerm up to date with its modules sound very logical to me.

I’d be interested to know if CM4 alternative devices work as well. Such as the Banana Pi BPI-CM4, which has not released yet, and might not for a while, but would be a HUGE step up in power over the A-06 module (4x A-73 + 2x A-53 in the BPI-CM4, vs the 2x A-72 + 4x A-53). It’s not as powerful as the RK3588, but, it is a possibility seeing as it will be the same form factor as the CM4.



the rk3566 has begun to be used in China’s open source handhelds

what machines are you talking about here?