Will it support Raspberry Pi CM4?

I also have a cm4lite with an adapter, didn’t think there wasn’t enough GPIO, huh

As I saw in the schematic, all the pins for connecting the internal display are there. Also i tried to compile the kernel with the CM3 patch (rewrote BCM*** strings) but the screen still doesn’t work,
wifi doesn’t work too, but I have a dongle =)

Anyway, I still want to run the display, but I don’t know how else to debug it. Even the backlight doesn’t work, which is strange, because 3.3v is on GPIO_8 (backlight pin)

btw with ubuntu and cm4 wiringpi kept segfaulting so i switched to the RPi modules instead for gpio and they seem to work fine. i at least got the backlight to switch on under ubuntu:

python3 -c 'from RPi.GPIO import *;setmode(BCM);setup(9,OUT,PUD_OFF,1)'