Will RPI-CM4 write to Adafruit EdgeBadge and other microcontrollers

I am interested in using a DevTerm RPI-CM4 as my ‘workbench’ computer for uploading code to an Adafruit EdgeBadge and a few other microcontrollers. I have other hardware do do machine learning model training on, but the workbench for electronics is not where the computer for programming / model training is. I’m wondering if there are any reasons I would not be able to use the DevTerm to do basic interrogation and firmware writing of an external microcontroller over usb (from either the Arduino IDE or Microsoft’s). I have read of a github repo that has ported the Arduino IDE to run on Pi hardware – see links below – and read here that there is little problem running the MS IDE on the Devterm. It’s the connection to the microcontroller I wonder about.

The workflow would be to use the DevTerm to ssh / scp from the model training machine, copy the model in appropriate compressed format to the DevTerm and then upload the model and requisite code from the DevTerm to the microcontroller.

If anyone has any insight, I’d appreciate it.

Adafruit EdgeBadge: Adafruit EdgeBadge - TensorFlow Lite for Microcontrollers : ID 4400 : $35.95 : Adafruit Industries, Unique & fun DIY electronics and kits
Arduino-IDE for Pi: GitHub - koendv/arduino-ide-raspberrypi: arduino IDE v2 for raspberry pi

From those links, the edge badge states USB port for battery charging, programming and debugging so for sure. Anyway if it didnt have the ease of use of USB interface it would have I2C or SPI which would require some wiring but for sure you would be able to program it.

Thank you. I figured it would, but it’s nice to get some feedback and confirmation that it should. A little wiring doesn’t scare me either. :wink: