Wishlist for the online shop


A case design like the gba so you didn’t need the Lego back for the lightkey module


The buttons could even be up the side. 2 on each.


Yeah also a wider screen for more so PS1 games aren’t being compressed into a square


Playstation games are 4:3, not wide screen or 16:9 so the current ratio is perfect. (and should not change)

Also most PS1 game use 256×224 (game using the higher 640x240 where doing that mostly for static screen, like intro screen)


A blue frontshell and maybe a few colored transparent frontshells.


I would like this along with the keypad with 1 analog stick in the near future.


Make you own cases, guys!! It’s modular for a reason!! Some of these ideas are great, but a lot are straight up changing the design.

Do it yourself!! Could be fun. I’m already working on a GBA style casing


I wish it have replacement parts for sale such as Light key,motherboard,battery,screen,keypad。


You can buy the main board on the shop but yeah getting other parts would be great