Your experience with durability -- uconsole

hej all!

i’m planning on using the uconsole, apart from other things, as a replacement for a smartphone (i use a dumbphone for most daily tasks and don’t always feel like carrying a computer with me, so this makes quite a bit of sense in my case).

i wanted to ask those that already have their device – how is your experience with using the machine outside? from what i’ve seen so far, i would be concerned with, say, getting it out of the bag on a rainy day or in the cold.

has anyone had experience with weatherproofing\ruggedizing their uconsole?

all comments and suggestions much welcome!

tiom dankon,


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From my experience with some short casual use outside in the garden while its been cold and lightly raining, its pretty good and the body itself feels like it can take some bumps and a beating or 2, i would still take care not to expose it to heavy weather conditions and any drops but carrying around in a bag or something should be fine as long as you make sure to protect the screen, maybe just get a case for it, its roughly round the size of a dvd/bluray case so shouldnt be too hard to find something

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