Zelda: A Link to the Past

This was the very first video game I ever played. I remember my brother got a [S]NES, and he set it up in the very room where I’m typing this. (He called it his “sneeze.”) He had a little Sharp brand CRT. The beginning of that game was a phantasmagoria! I hope I can bring back a little of that moment.

You shouldn’t have any problem. A Link to the Past was on SNES, but you shouldn’t have a problem playing NES, SNES, etc on Gameshell.

Oh, what was the Zelda game on NES? I may have confused the titles.

@4estGump No, I just discovered how I confused the games. The Super Nintendo came out when I was only 3 years old. My first memory is from when I was 4. There’s a small chance that watching my brother open and play his SNES was actually my first memory, since I cannot remember whether he ever owned an original Nintendo.

I own a SEGA genesis and a whole slough of games, and I also own a SEGA dreamcast, which I insist really expanded the frontier in electronic gaming. I especially enjoyed the VMU concept, though I remember that SEGA manufactured far too few of those units when they first released the dreamcast. Powerstone and Vigilante were a lot of fun! I really loved playing Bass Fishing with my mom. (I hate real life fishing. I hooked a small trout through the gills and watched it slowly bleed to death as it inhaled its own blood. That doesn’t happen in the SEGA game. :-/ )

Loved these games. If it can play Mega Drive then a couple for you to have a look at are Soleil and Landstalker. These were ace! I never finished Landstalker though. Unsure about completing Soleil either.