Are there any touhou games that will run on the gameshell?

or any other intense shoot-em-ups?

That would be very interesting! Reading a bit about it, it sounds like it was originally on a Japanese NEC PC-9800. There’s a few emulators for that, which I’m sure are explicitly made to play touhou.
If you can look into that, I’m sure something can come of it. I’ll check it out tomorrow myself.

On the note of other shooters;
MAME, FB, etc have things like GunBird, Raiden, and others.
N64, I remember as a kid playing a game called “Dezaemon 3D” - or rather used if to create shoot em io games. It was essentially an early game creator.
SNES, I grew up with R-Type, and Axelay.
I don’t think anyone has gotten Dreamcast working, but if anyone got Ikaruga working, I would be very happy.

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i got some of the PC-98 ROMs and they run, but some of them just exit when you press any button, and the others have choppy audio but run fine

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