3rd Party Thermal Printers

Hey Folks - the uConsole doesn’t have a printer - researching 3rd part drivers…


I think this is easy to use:


So I send data to the Arduino and It prints out ascii?? will look into it - other way is to set up Windows 10 machine as a print server and the windows machine printer as a network printer… spent a productive evening exploring CUPS… if I can get a PPS file or find a compatible CUPS printer I can configure a ESC/POS thermal printer via CUPS - did manage some test prints via trial and error which wasted some real paper but it did prove the DevTerm was attempting to communicate with the printer…

There are also some usb printers, even wireless ones like this


I think its around 25€ on Aliexpress

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I have one like this and a larger 80mm one - issue is printer interface with linux - once I get a generic thermal printer it will work fine…