4G/LTE cellular module alternatives?

Hello all,

Funny story, when purchasing my uConsole, I chose the variant that did NOT come with the cellular module.

I was wondering if there are any alternate cellular modules that I could purchase that are compatible with the CPI v3.14 board?

If not, would anyone know how to modify the board to accept an alternate module?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’m pondering the same question - a safer approach is to use an ESP32 chip variant (the kind that can manage a lipo battery) and mount that in a second case then UDP between the uConsole and the project box… I want a portable lightning detector and barometric sensor for my storm spotting activities - the barometric pressure sensor prototype is being done by a raspberry pi sense hat with some python code I wrote that animates the color led grid… but a simple multicolored LED and a Morse code audio out would suffice. I use the water proof electronic cases available from big box stores for my project boxes - with a barometric sensor there has to be a vent hole…

Oh that’s a great idea, I never thought of that! I’ll definitely do some research into doing something like that; maybe a 3D printed housing unit for the component’s that could mount on the rear of the uConsole (like those chunky cellphones from the 80’s lol).

Thank you for the suggestion, and good luck with your project. It sounds really cool :slight_smile:

I’m going to look at maybe an IoT interface will look for libraries…

The ClockworkPi has a Mini PCIe EXT. module port. So something like this can work if you can find linux drivers for it: 4G LTE Mini PCIe module | Delmation. There are lots of cool options with Mini PCIe cards.

The problem that you will run into - that clockwork solves with their board - is that these modules are too long for the uConsole and will stick out.

I also ordered without the 4G module but I will probably buy it later on when the module can be bought in the shop. Otherwise I will just e-mail the team to ask if they can sell me one.

I wonder if something like this would fit, and if there are drivers:


There seem to be tons of wifi/bluetooth half height modules that would probably fit, but I didn’t see much else. The GPS mini pci cards all seem to be too long.

It would probably work if you rewired the pins or created an adapter board. It’s just USB mass storage, so it shouldn’t need any special drivers under Linux. All it needs are the USB pins from the connector, ground, and 5v.

Maybe I could make a breakout board / adapter module for the LTE module that could be plugged into the uConsole whenever I need to use cellular/RF.

Otherwise, I’d definitely do your other option of just buying the module from Clockwork once its for sale in the shop.

That would also be a good option. I like the idea of 4G/LTE but it’s rarely needed so a mod to just plug it in on the go when needed is interesting.

That sounds as a regular LTE usb dongle, nowadays they are pretty small.

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