A couple questions regarding the DevTerm

I’m looking at pre-ordering a DevTerm, and had a few questions. In the information page for the DevTerm, it says that it includes “USB-C Charging (depends on the ‘Core Module’ features)”

My question: Which one of the core modules has the USB-C charging feature?

Also, is there some reason that I might go for the A04 (running Clockwork OS) vs the RPI-CM3 version (running Raspberrry Pi OS)? Would it be safer to go with the RPI since it might have more documentation or something? Is this exclusively personal preference?

The A04 asks you to specify the memory size, either 1 or 2 gigs. The RPI version does not. Does that mean that the RPI version has the 1 gig included on the Computer Module 3+?

One more: Is there any word on the quality of the keyboard on this device? I’d love to know if it’s going to feel like a calculator, or a rubber dome keyboard.


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in regards to the core modules’ memory

1GB of ram for the CM3
but yea, it comes down to use-case… how much power do you need?

USB-C is discussed more here in one of the replies:

The keyboard appears to be a membrane style, so i guess just like those 10$ Logitech/dell keyboards just a lot smaller:

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No the “depends on the core module” is not charging, but using the USB-C port as something else than just a port to charge the DevTerm.

The USB-C will always be used for charging the DevTerm whatever module you use.

The memory is on the module you use, so you change the module you change the amount of memory. There is no way to add memory on the base board.


I see, I appreciate the information!