A way to update mame?

The title basically says it all but i’ll ask anyway, is there a way to update mame so I can play more classic arcade games, I have wanted to play ninja baseball batman on the go for a while. If there is a way to update mame then please tell me

The link to Mame in the main menu is using the Mame 2003 plus core. From memory I think it’s using the 0.78 rom set? I can’t remember which one baseball uses, but you can download a different core that uses a different rom set etc, and edit the action file to use that core instead.
In fact I think there was someone else here a few months back asking for the exact same fix. I’ll see if i can find it!

I can write a small script for you when I get home, once I find out more! But essentially, you’ll need to make a reference to a different core.

Here’s what I searched and found: Is it possible to run ninja baseball batman?

Have a look through that! Sounds like it’s the age old neo geo troubleshooting. Looking up neo geo in search will give you HEAPS of results. See how you go!

Ninja Baseball Batman is slow on every romset, including FBNeo with frameskip and lower sound quality…

We’ve made some headway with updating to the latest Lima drivers/Mesa binaries.
You should see an improvement in both.
There are some instructions that you can follow here.
First update the kernel:

Then update the drivers:

Or you can just download the image in the post above that has it all done for you.

I will try that for sure!

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So I just did the upgrades, I already had upgraded the Kernel, so I did step 2.
Its actually worse on my side now. The aforementioned arcade game (Ninja Baseball Batman) run even slower… N64 , in Mario Kart, is slooooow, way slower than before.

I do not know what to do now. I would love to try your image, it look awesome, but I am over the top OCD and reorginizing everything after reflashing is a stress I am not sure I want to go through lol.

I need to test further.

Definitely sounds like a problem with your configuration. I have no idea what else your OCD has brought you to change, so can’t really say. It does sound like your machine isn’t using the Lima drivers.

Follow a few posts above the instructions you followed to run a script to diagnose whether or not the correct drivers are being used.

You probably need to rebuild at least Retroarch to 1.8.1, and also mupen64.

You’ll need to reflash once 0.5 comes out, and I’m guessing this will be very soon. A lot of the progress made in the thread I linked will likely be included, re drivers etc.

You can just wait for now, while finding a logical backup /restore streamlined process. Or you can try things out on a spare SD card. You’ll just need a cheap 16GB one.

I’ll test the rom in question once I get my hands on it, and have some spare time.

I might just flash your image.
Will it be upgradable to 0.5 without reflashing once you include 0.5 into it ?

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Doubtful, unfortunately. I’m not the one maintaining the official releases, so can’t guarantee how it will be compiled. But I won’t talk about that here, since it’s WAY off topic.
If you can try not to get too attached to needing to have every single game on your console, reflashing becomes a lot less of a nuisance.

Back on topic, there is actually a hidden standalone Mame emulator in the root usr/games directory, ie the same place the chocodoom, Hexen, heretic and strife wrappers are. I haven’t looked into it much, since the resolution makes it difficult to use, but there could be some increased compatibility using this. I’m sure someone else has had more headway into exploring this option. The config file will also need to be tweaked re: inputs.

thanks for all the ideas, sorry i haven’t replied in a while, i had a crap ton of homework to finish before the end of the year so i couldn’t reply, i will definitely try everything i can.

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