How to play MAME and neo geo games?

Hi everybody !

How to play mame games in Gs i downlowded all mames cores but still games not working like metal slug and street fighters alpha ?
need a bios or what and if yes where i put the bios (sorry i am new her)

Thank you

you probably need the bios for those (google them) and modify the config.cfg for retroarch to map the bio directories to that folder

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you need the right version of in ~/games/MAME

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Thank you i just run them by Retroarch

Thank you Johnisa I could it by retrtoarch but how modify the config.cfg ?

Try using winscp to get into the file system. The config file should be in ./config

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Thank you for helping :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry to bother, but I downloaded the neo geo zip and put it in the MAME folder, how could I map it from the retroarch config?

Easiest way is to ftp into it, navigate to the . config file and edit the file

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Would I just put in This place?

I would make a bios folder in the retroarch folder somewhere in the same directory as the .config file. Then change the .config file to the directory of the bios folder.

So to change the .config file to the directory of the bios folder, how would it look? @Johnisa

I think it’s ./retroarch/bios/

If you’re using winscp you can double click the address bar near the top and copy the directory.

Here’s how I set it up. Also I didn’t put it in a bios folder. I used a folder called system instead.

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This makes so much more sense lol, I was lost. Thank you

One last question, did you get the neogeo.rom from unzipping the @Johnisa