Is it possible to run ninja baseball batman?

Hi there
I have put both the ninja baseball batman(world) version and (USA) version in my Gameshell.
I tried to run it through Mame 2003+ emulator and FB Alpha. But when i push any buttons, both the action and BGM are very slow.
Anybody knows why? Is there something wrong with the ROM file or did I use the wrong emulator?

It run smooth with FBNeo and the correct RomSet (FBNeo

Thank you for your replying.
Seems I have to download the FBNeo core in retroarch right?
Would you please tell me where can I get the “correct” RomSet?

Not through Retroarch, download it and put the .so file in /home/cpi/apps/emulators

Do not forget to take from the RomSet and put it in /home/cpi/apps/emulators/bios

No I can’t tell you where to get the Romset since its not legal but look around ArchiveDOTorg.


Thank you for your help!
I have done as you said but…it’s still very slow
very confused:disappointed_relieved:

While in game, go into retroarch menu and then option and try to use Frameskip=1 or 2 and lower the sound quality to 11025, save your changes, get out of the game and relaunch it to try.

Let me try with MAME2003 RefSet 0.78.
I use FBNeo and MAME 2003 because not all games works in FBNeo…

Yeah, I tried Mame 2003+ this time, and set the frameskip to 1, sound quality to 8000, seems a bit better emmm
didn’t change a lot, Thanks though

Its really frustrating because I remember this game playing well…
Are you on OS 0.4 too?

yeah, Im on OS 0.4 as well. and other games, even like the CPS3 game Jojo can be run well
but only Ninja baseball my gosh

No I had problems with other games too such as In The Hunt and Night Slashers, but for them, playing around with options fixed the slowdown…

But I can be wrong about nbbatman, I have two other device here using RPi3b+ so I may have played it on those.

Thanks though, hope some system updates will fix it