A04 - Wifi won't connect to WPA3/2 network, connects to "older" AP WPA2/WPA


My new A04 doesn’t want to connect to two of my access points. One is an Aruba 515, the other a Zyxel NWA210AX (soon to be replaced with Aruba as well). Both of these are Wifi6/AX (but support Wifi5/AC (and lower) just fine).

I have pretty much everything in my house connected to these. Raspberry PI’s connect fine (yes I understand the Devterm / CM devices are different than your vanilla RPi’s). Looking through logs - it seems like it sees the AP(s), it detects the security configured, but never connects. I also tried editing the connection to force it to WPA2 - no luck.

Connecting to an older Cisco 802.11n AP which is WPA2/WPA works fine. Not an ideal situation for me though - as the Cisco is a dedicated guest AP which has it’s key rotated.

Let me know what diag/debug info I can provide. Thanks.

See this thread for solution: