DevTerm A04 wifi not connecting? I may have a solution for you

When I first turned on my Devterm yesterday, the wifi worked as far as seeing networks, but wouldn’t connect to my home network. After going down a few dead ends, I found the solution.

The problem was that my home network advertises both WPA2-personal and WPA3-personal for security. NetworkManager on the Devterm tries to use WPA3 if it’s available, but the hardware doesn’t actually support WPA3 and so it fails when it tries to configure the cryptographic machinery.

The fix is to go into the connection editor and change the security type to WPA2-personal instead of WPA3-personal.

ClockworkPi folks, would it be possible to either update the driver not to advertise WPA3 support (if that’s what’s going on here) or change the NetworkManager or wpasupplicant config not to try WPA3?

Confirming this works in my environment as well.

Perhaps I was impatient or something, but I couldn’t get the WPA2 change to take via GUI. Here is what I did:

Set up network via GUI. It will “spin” and not connect as it’s trying WPA3/SAE.
Open a terminal, and:

nmcli con edit id CONNECTION_NAME
nmcli> set 802-11-wireless-security.key-mgmt wpa-psk
nmcli> save
nmcli> activate

You should be all set after this.

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Changing it in the GUI is tricky because the dialog box is taller than the screen :confused: I haven’t yet figured out how to persuade xfwm to let me drag a window under the top panel so I can get at the bottom of it.

press the ALT-key and drag with the mouse anywhere on the window. You can then shove the window up to see the button…

Alt-dragging doesn’t seem to do anything besides letting me pick the window up anywhere. It still won’t go under the top panel…

never mind, looks like I needed to hold alt for longer before I started dragging. I can get at the “save” and “cancel” buttons in the NM connection editor without having to guess and blindly tab to them now.

Thank you! I was beginning to wonder if I had mounted the antenna incorrectly or something :smiley: