ABXY Button doesn’t work when running PS

Hi, does anyone have the problem of playing PS game using PCSX and all buttons work except ABXY button… by the way I’m using PCSX that came installed with the system.

Have you tried to go into PCSX settings and remap them?
Or through the game itself.

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Oh, thank you so much! It works! But is there any way to let it remember the button I arranged instead of setting it every time I start games?

Its supposed to remember it.
On mine, I set it once and its the same when I quit and come back to it.

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I setting my buttons here. And I’ve tried many times, but It always returns back when I quit and restart it.

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How so you get to that menu?

Edit: Oh… That’s the stock PCSX?

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Yes, I think so… I’m using this to make my buttons work while playing ps games.

Isn’t there a button somewhere that says “save global input settings” or something like that?

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Thanks a lot!!! You solved my problem! :laughing: