Different color front shell for gameshell

Hi i was wondering , since i saw someone with a picture of a blue gameshell, how would one go about , whether they just custom painted the one they had or , i assume , the better option wold be 3D printing using the STL files they offer

But i dont know anything about 3D printing but i know there are sites that can do it,but i dont know where to start cause i never did it before. But , if its not too costly, id like to get one printed in a different color like blue. And maybe even a translucent purple / blue if thats possible idk.


Using a modest domestic grade 3D printer, the z-axis height and build plate size are pretty much spot on EXACTLY the dimensions of the Gameshell.
So if you wanted to potentially print one yourself, you’d be in luck.
That said, the stock housings are injection moulded, so you wouldn’t get the same finish, without arduous sanding, spraying of clear coat and copious amounts of acetone.

There have been a few other threads with people documenting their 3D printing journeys. Pop it in the search. :slight_smile: This one in particular I am fond of, by the user @Rebusmind

And here is a comparison of the Gameshell size vs. 3D printer build plate dimensions. On a side note, the translucent resin I use is fairly expensive, like $80/500mL. But I don’t think printing a shell would be more than 100mL, so factor that into the clad factor.

I’m waiting to find out if they will release the DEOT shell only, before printing my own. Once they let me know, I may write out a 3D printing tutorial.

Yeah i dont have a 3D printer of my own and dont intend on getting one any time soon, i just meant , maybe there were online services that could print it for u and send it idk,

The link to the post I mentioned above mentioned a 3D printing place in Germany. It was apparently quite expensive.
Personally, being from Australia, I would look up a local place. I guess it depends on what country you’re from. I’m not sure what country you are from, so can’t really recommend anything.
I mentioned 3D printing it yourself, since it would cost about $12 in resin; significantly cheaper than getting a firm to do it.

Given all the info u gave me on 3D printing, I think itd be alot easier just to wait til they make other colors and sell them on the store. Since youre not gonna end up with a varnished polished end product etc .

So , i just wish they would offer more colors than the red white yellow. Such as a blue and green variety. Or also transparent .

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I think super early kick starter people had a few more options for the back at least. Like a transparent deep blue colour. Maybe you can find one on eBay or something?
Also the DEOT edition is supposedly dropping any time. It’s a pimped out off white version that looks like it came right out of the Gundam universe. The back is a subdued mint green, from what we’ve seen.

Only if its ABS, that doesn’t work with PLA

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I still end up using acetone for cleaning off residual resin goop haha! I probably should be using IPA, but that stuff ain’t cheap. So I guess, it’s still in the prep process, albeit not being used directly for making a gloss finish.
Either way both of them have fumes that aren’t the best!

Sanding + primer looks amazing but I don’t know how much margin you have to take into account while designing for the thickness of the primer.