Alacritty: Anyone get it working on the A06 Armbian image?

Hi Everyone,

Has anyone got Alacritty terminal working on their A06 yet? I wasn’t sure what the best way is to go about getting this installed.

Built fine using the debian instructions.

Oh wow. It didn’t complain about the openGL version being used? I think installing from DEB packages always gave me problems because the version they want is too new for the OS being used.

Kitty did produce opengl errors, but not Alacritty. Its builder might be smart enough to recognize missing libraries and not compile certain features.

Honestly, I’m not a big custom term person. I’m just using the default term for whatever WM I’m in…

Ah, thanks for the tip. I guess maybe some install packages are a bit more smarter than others.

No problem. The build instructions look daunting, but it’s pretty straight-forward after a couple reads. Go for it! All it can do is not compile. :wink:

Thanks for the kind words of encouragement! I managed to compile Alacrity just fine, except when I launch the program I get the error “Config error :x invalid type: floating point ‘0’, expected i8”. Did you get that on your devterm A06?

Edit: Turns out my configuration file was from a different version of Alacritty which I had previously installed. Deleting it and let it re-deploy worked to fix this issue!

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Alacritty will unfortunately move to GL 3.3 soon…
I built it a while ago on armbian - success. But later jumped to Arch, builds fine, doesn’t run.

Edit: good news, see @tworaz 's comment below.

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Latest git snapshots of alacritty are fine with GLES2 only, see: Add fallback GLES2 renderer · alacritty/alacritty@1880522 · GitHub. I’ve been using custom build from git which includes this patch and it works like charm.

Thanks for the info! Glad to see this patch going in.