ALFA USB Wifi adapters

Any of you ever try one of the ALFA usb wifi adapters? I haven’t tried putting the wifi module that came with the uConsole in monitor mode yet, but I know most seem to have signal strength issues. Let me know about any USB wifi adapters you’ve tried and if you’ve ever run them in monitor mode as well as if there were any special considerations outside of drivers and more battery drain that I should be aware of.

The mediatek chipset alfas will do monitor.

I have an alfa and it is the ath9k_htc apt., and I havent been able to put it in monitor mode, but tbh i havent messed with it any as ive been trying to get the black-parrot OS going and im about half way there. It is supposed to have been tested in 2020 on riscv.

Would like to know how it goes, be sure to make your own thread when successful, what core are you using

Ahhh. Forgot these things are using a weird amalgamation os. It just works on raspberrypi os.

OK, got the adapter in and followed these steps from the ALFA website to get the drivers downloaded

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install raspberrypi-kernel-headers
git clone
cd rtl8812au
sed -i 's/CONFIG_PLATFORM_I386_PC = y/CONFIG_PLATFORM_I386_PC = n/g' Makefile
sudo make install

When I get to the “make” command, I get this error “make[1]: /lib/modules/5.10.17-v8+/build: No such file or directory. Stop.”

The thing is, /lib/modules/5.10.17-v8+, does exist. I don’t see the build directory. I have been looking for a concrete solution using google-fu, but maybe someone else here may know how to resolve this.

Any luck yet on getting Parrot OS to work?

Have you installed cmake? Sorry i know this might be a no brainer :sweat_smile: